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Plasma Screen Advertising Photo Workshop

Plasma Screen Advertising – Garden Route and Klein Karoo

For the minimal cost of between R75 – R350 per month (depending on length of your advert) you can advertise your establishment on our plasma screens which are situated at popular tourist sites.  This gives you the opportunity to reach out to a captive audience where the viewers are relaxed and receptive to the message:



15 second advert  (Static) : R75,00 + Vat per month
–  (Images to be supplied and once off setup cost of R100,00)

30 second advert  (Static or video) : R100,00 per month + Vat
–  (Video footage can be supplied by you or still ad setup R100,00)

1 minute advert    (Video) : R150,00 per month + Vat
–  (Video footage can be supplied by you or filming cost of R2000.00 + Vat )

2 minute advert    (Video) : R200,00 per month + Vat
–  (Video footage can be supplied by you or filming cost of R3 000.00 + VAt )

Information we would require for your advert:

    • 15 second advert –  this is a static advert and we would require a maximum of 5 good images that will rotate and the information you require to be included on the screen (tel no,  address etc  –  not a lot of information otherwise the advert will be cluttered)
    • 30 second advert –  this can be static or video.  In the case of a static advert see 15 second advert for information (you can supply up to 10 images) and in the case of a video advert see below.
    • 30 sec – 2 minute advert –  these are video adverts and your material can be provided to us ready to include on the timeline or we can shoot this material for you and costs are included below each advert length above. This material becomes your property and can be used at trade shows, on cds for tour operators, be placed on your website etc

Examples of our video adverts:

Compared to other forms of marketing eg:  Publications, billboards, dustbins etc – the monthly fee to market your establishment on the Plasma Screens is very competitive.

Please feel free to go and view the loop at one of the above venues and let us know if you would like to be included!

Plasma Screen Advertising Photo Workshop