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Jesus Be Set Free TV programmes are being broadcasted on The Spirit Word Channel. The Spirit Word Channel is a Christian Television station based in the North West of South Africa reaching Africa and Beyond. These are the broadcasting dates of Jesus Be Set Free on The Spirit Word Channel:

  • Tuesday – 20h30
  • Sunday – 09h00

Jesus Be Set Free TV is also being broadcasted on Top Gospel of TOP TV:

  • Tuesday – 19h00
  • Wednesday – 13h00
  • Thursday – 08h00
  • Saturday – 01h00

TV Show Presenter – Dr Robbie Cairncross

Robbie was born in 1962 in George.  He is today one of the worlds for most Christian communicators and have been broadcasting on television for the past 15 years with his bi weekly programme called JESUS Be Set Free TV

This programme is featured in prime time bi-weekly Tuesdays 20h30 and then at a random extra day. Coverage is local, national and international.

Advertising Costs 

You will receive a 5 second static advert which will be shown no less than 4 times per week on Jesus Be Set Free TV at R1 000.00 per month.

Coverage locally now is also on the OPEN VIEW HD platform

Viewers on this OPENVIEW feel that this platform is suitable for the whole family and believe it is safe for children to view. This platform is received by digital top box (once off payment with no monthly subscriptions) and includes SABC1,2 &3. It has now achieved 100 000 digital boxes sold. Top boxes are available from Game, OK Furnishers, HiFi Corp, Checkers Hypers, PnPay etc Viewers of OPENVIEW are:

Female 51%, 49% male.

Regions Gauteng (38%), Western Cape (17%), Natal (15%), Eastern Cape (9%),

Limpopo/ Mpumalanga (7%), NW/NCape (7%), Free State (6%).

Ages 15-24 (23%); 25 – 49 (53%); 50+ (24%)

LSM Groups 04 (1%), 05 (12%), 06 (55%), 07 (32%)

Race 69% black, 15% Indian, 4% Coloured, 12 % white

Household income R1- 2999 (22%), R3000 – R6999 (30%), R7000 – R13999 (25%), R14000+ (23%).

What does this mean for South African Viewers?

1.) Better Reception Quality! (99% Quality on 60cm Dishes)
2.) Even smaller dishes >=30cm will pick up Spirit Word
3.) No more LNB frequency issues!
4.) Easier Tuning Instructions!
5.) Almost any decoder including SD PVR decoders will be able to receive J BSF TV as well!
6.) And also Vivid decoders can receive SABC + J BSF TV simultaneously
Note: This is for South African viewers only…

How to Tune DSTV:

1.) Go to [Menu] -> [Advanced Options] -> [Dish Installation] – Enter Pin = 9949
2.) Change [Network 2] to [Other] and press [OK] 3.) Confirm Settings: [Frequency: 11170, 26652, 5/6 , Vertical] 4.) Go to [Accept all displayed values and leave screen] 5.) [Scan all networks] Press [TV] -> [Public IS 7/10]-> SWC

In less than 24 months J BSF TV has increased its viewership from potentially 60 million viewers to now 300 million

Now reaching no fewer than 130 nations and potentially 300 million viewers.

Many testimonies have been archived of healings by simply just watching these programmes. Cancer is no match for Holy Spirit and Power.

Press the TV Programme Button on top of the home page to view how to set your DSTV decoder and countries reached.

Tune in every Sunday 09h00 & Tue 20h30 and EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED …

Also Jesus Be Set Free is Broadcasting on Top Gospel:
Tue 19h00, Wed 13h00, Thurs 08h00 & Sat 01h00


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